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Our firm has spent the best part of a year developing a brand of Organic Coconut Water, Diet Coconut Water with Vegetable Protein (Breakfast Drink) and Natural Skinny Water Drink. This development saw our firm travelling throughout South East Asia.

100% pure

coconut water

30% less sugar

Than leading coconut water brands

absolute original

Coming from Ben Tre region Vietnam

Our Story
“The Land Of The Coconut” or “The Coconut Kingdom”

The coconut water is from the region of Southern Vietnam and is Organic, Ethically Source and from a Single Farm. Having been able to source the coconut as a single origin item, has given us the ability to create a great tasting and consistent form of coconut water that’s unique taste is unparalleled. Another crucial aspect for our firm was making sure that these were ethically sourced to ensure longevity of the brand as well as to tie into our firm’s believe of ethical conduct.
The province is named Ben Tre and still annually holds a Coconut Festival to celebrate the regions rich history with the Dua Dua. This province contains arguably the finest green coconuts on the Planet.

Coconut products

The shift of consumers slowly moving towards a healthier alternative / product is where we are strategically geared towards placing ourselves in the market and constantly improving the products we deliver.

100% pure coconut water
Line 100% pure coconut water completely keep the natural flavor
CoCo break
The combination of coconut water with coconut milk with delicious flavor product line created great cocobreak bring you exciting new choices

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